Areas of law


Criminal law

Our firm handles all types of community criminal cases:

  • Property crimes, such as theft, burglaries, robberies
  • Organized crime, such as human trafficking and participation in criminal organizations
  • Life crimes such as murder, manslaughter and culpable homicide
  • Drug cases such as trafficking, transportation and manufacture of narcotics, hemp plantations
  • Vice cases, such as rape, possession and manufacture of child pornography, grooming, sexual abuse
  • Fraud cases, such as embezzlement, fraud, benefit and mortgage fraud
  • Defamation, threats and stalking
  • Environmental criminal cases
  • TBS (Ter beschikking Stelling) or extension hearings
  • ISD (Placement in Institution for Habitual Offenders), interim review thereof
  • Assistance to victims, submitting claims for damages


Juvenile justice

When children are arrested by the police, the juvenile justice system applies. Different rules apply than for adults and there are also different sentencing options. We give appropriate advice to the minor and parents and assist the minor during the court proceedings.


International criminal law

Do you have an outstanding sentence in another EU member state or are you still the subject of a criminal investigation in another EU member state in which you are a suspect? Then a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) may be issued against you. You can then be arrested within the European Union at the request of the Member State that is looking for you. If you are arrested in the Netherlands, we will do everything we can to ensure that your rights are safeguarded and we will see whether it is possible to stop the surrender or enforce a guarantee of return to the Netherlands.


Certificate of good conduct

It is a reality that more and more professions require a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) in order to practice. For many, therefore, obtaining a VOG is of great importance, because without it you will be forced to look for another job.



Road traffic law

Have you been arrested for speeding, driving without a license, driving with alcohol? Or have you caused a traffic accident or left the scene of an accident? If you have received a summons for a hearing or would like advice please contact us.


Detention law

Are you incarcerated and are you unfairly subjected to a measure such as placement in isolation? Or is your transfer to another institution refused? Enlist our help and we will start a complaint and appeal procedure for you.


Assistance victims

Are you the victim of a (violent) crime? If so, you can submit a request for compensation to the court if the suspect is prosecuted. You can also exercise your right to speak at a hearing in specific cases. We assist victims/next of kin in this process and, in consultation, draft the request for compensation and provide assistance at the hearing. Funded legal aid can be claimed in certain cases.


Psychiatric patient law
wvggz and wzd

Our lawyers also assist patients who are forcibly admitted under the wvggz or wzd with a care authorization or a court order.



If TBS is imminent or has been imposed, it is of the utmost importance that you are assisted by a specialized criminal lawyer. Someone who is seasoned in the TBS field and who knows the law in this area down to the last detail. In addition, this lawyer must also be well-versed in TBS jargon.